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Don't forget that we are not meeting at the Community Centre next week!

The photoshoot outing this year will be within Highworth. Apart from documenting aspects of our lovely town, this will provide images that could be used in a proposed collaboration with our twin towns camera clubs/photographic societies later in the year. Images may also be shared with the Link and the Council, so please let us know if you don't wish your images to be shared.

We will meet at 7pm at the Highworth Podium to maximise the period of light. When the light fades we will repair to the Wine Bar to continue discussions. Please check your emails for last minute foul weather alternatives.


Retro Challenge​ for Sept Meeting

Most members present intended to join this challenge which is great. This will be a fun challenge reflecting the history of the constraints of photography back in the day. The challenge is - 

  • To take a maximum of ten pictures presented in black and white on 6x4 prints for the September meeting. If you are unable to make prints then let us know and we should be able to project digital images.

  • Pictures should be taken as black and white in camera if possible.

  • All pictures should be taken with a consistent ISO setting determined by the photographer as though they were using a roll of film. Aperture and shutter speed can vary across the images. The images do not need to be taken in one session.

  • Ideally autofocus and image stabilisation should not be used.

  • No post processing should be performed, except to convert a colour image to black and white if necessary.

  • Please put your name and image settings on the back of the print.

Please submit JPGs to the Club email as usual. Some may be projected for discussion, and may be used for Club publicity.


10K Challenge for Sept Meeting 

A single print image taken within a 10km radius of St Michael's church(see map below), to be brought to the September meeting for voting (or drop it in to Peter Osborne if you are not able to attend). Please also email a JPG to this address as usual. Ideally the subject should represent the fact that it is taken in the area in and around Highworth.

Highworth LINK submissions
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