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Programme for 2024

The rooms are booked from 7.00pm to 10.00pm. The activity/presentation will start at 7.30.       Prints for competitions should arrive by 7.15 please. On critique evenings members should be seated by 7.15 to enable the judge to introduce him/her self so that judging can begin at 7.30. 

Brief Summary of Rules (Click above for Full Document) 

Images can only be entered in one of the regular club competitions, and all elements used in images must be taken by the photographer. 


Two prints or digital images may be entered for each regular competition per the attached competition list.


Submitted prints must be properly identified and brought on the evening, or left with Peter Osborne. JPG copies of prints and digital entries must be submitted prior to the competition via email, clearly identifying the competition for which it is entered. Deadlines are identified in the rules document. JPG copies of print entries must be identical to the prints. 


Two boards may be entered for the Barbara Thorpe Challenge, each with seven to ten images with a title. 


Two images may be entered for the Projected Digital Image competition.


Two print images may be entered for each of the Ashworth  (black and white) and Mayor’s (colour) Trophies, brought to the November meeting.

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